Hello and welcome to the latest version of Flying Tuttys' new recruitment application. First things first, we are a rated R guild because of the occasional obscene and offensive mumble chatter. Our primary playtime is between 6PM and midnight EST, but people tend get on in numbers towards 7 and 8pm and some nights we have people playing well after midnight. Now for a few questions

Do you consider yourself a team player? Maybe a guild crafter, a group PvPer, like to run dungeons with guildies etc?

What is your usual play time? (specify time zone or use eastern time)

How many days per week do you play? (you need not play every day, or every week even)

Are you willing to use mumble for regular social and group stuff?

Are you interested in doing weekly (drunken) friday night guild activities? (These are usually PvP-oriented, only applicable during guild-wide games that allow it)

Do you have a facebook account and are you comfortable with using it to get guild news?

What is your steam IM or email for contact purposes?

Flying Tuttys was founded in 2011 out of the festering corpse of Aionsource's chitchat subforum. We banded together for the first time in our history as a community to play the game Rift together. Although everyone rejected my dream of naming a guild OMG Klingons!, we quickly agreed to naming ourselves "Flying Tuttys", which rather than a reference to Aion is a nod to Aion Source's word filter for the word vagina’s.

Since then we have done two merges for better or worse as well as met a diverse cadre of strange and acerbic people who love to play MMO's. We've done epic battles ranging from small group to raid sized anti zerging. we've trolled server forums and gaming sites alike. spammed IRC, stayed up late in mumble getting shitfaced and dancing on Google hangouts. had epic karaoke duets for in game prizes, and made royal asses of ourselves to each other and the discernible public.

We're a mix of hardcore and casual who believe in come as you are hang your coat up and have a beer gaming. We love working together and trolling each other in the same turn and love chilling out having a good time with or without a game to play at the moment. Friendship is number one and winning at games is a close second. So come by, grab a seat and take a gander, we'll be here all night.

We have a few members which either make videos or stream on occasion.



Flying Tuttys is a rated R social PvX guild that primarily plays MMOs. We game at various paces and game time dedications and have varying interests when it comes to activities. The guild has a modest but solid core of members who login on a daily basis. The members of Flying Tuttys work create a smaller more personal guild environment that is easy going and fun to hang with.

Our core ideals:

Our day to day activities include:
When the game is over it doesn’t mean the fun and friendship ends. We don’t have to be playing the same game or playing a game at all to hang out in mumble and have a good time.
Non game activities include:

Guild Manager






Mumble Info

#1 Rule of FT: Don’t be a bigger asshole than Novaru
#2 Rule: Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
#3 Rule: If deekay, nova, or sundial, or really any veteran member even hints to chill out, take the hint and chill out. This applies to officers as well as regular members.

Voice Comms

Mumble is the voice chat of choice for FT. Players from other games are in there so don’t hog the Chillz channel with intense PvP/PvE talk. The Chillz channel is for chilling. See the Mumble Page for Mumble info.
This guild is R-rated, profanity and bad jokes are rampant.
Mumble is not a requirement for the guild, but bank access/other things are restricted to mumble users.
Please use push to talk in mumble or tune your microphone to not pickup ambiance like music, crying kids, angry girlfriends, breathing, chewing, and any unpleasant bodily functions.
We are not the type of guild that sets hard requirements like showing up on time or other obtrusive guild rules we all know from other games. If you compare this to a WoW or EQ guild, there is no DKP, no uptight leaders, no minimums, no real requirements.


Guild Management will try to avoid kicking people from guild or banning people from mumble and will take steps to attempt to remedy situations on a case by case basis.
In some cases we may ask someone to leave our roster or kick if necessary if they are not a good fit or are an ongoing cause of unnecessary friction in the guild. Super Officers will be the sole deciders of any guild kicks, however we may choose to consult members or officers as we see fit.
Mumble bans will be the end result of a progressive process.

  1. Warning (if possible given the circumstances)
  2. Temporary mute
  3. Kick from mumble
  4. 1-24hour ban
  5. Undetermined ban period per officer discretion

We do not wish to take any of those actions, and chances are if you are getting a temp mute it’s due to some accidental thing that’s overly disruptive to the current event. Either way no actions taken by mumble admins/mods should be taken as an insult. We will try to remedy the situation ASAP, but some may delay may occur if a weekly event is happening.

Bank Access permissions

Typically we have a couple different bank access levels in games we play:

  1. Open Access (For all members who come into mumble). Basic crafted things go here and are for all members to use
  2. Crafter – All inexpensive crafting materials for guild crafters to use go here
  3. GM/Officer – Everything expensive goes here and is used at GM/Officer discretion